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MR2 New build specification;


  • Roll cage

  • Race type steering wheel

  • EBC yellow brake pads

  • Fire extinguisher system

  • Battery master switch

  • Ignition/starter button panel

  • Rain light and switch

  • RBF600 racing brake fluid

  • Race exhaust system

  • 6 point race harness

  • Race seat and brackets

  • Bespoke handling kit (4 dampers and 4 springs)

  • Braided brake lines

  • Chassis lightening

  • Sunroof panel

  • 4 x yokohama A048 series tyres

  • Full geometry set-up

  • Race numbers with backgrounds

  • Front strut brace

  • Bonnet pins / boot straps

  • Tow straps.




  • Deposit required.



MR2 Sector engine
sector 2
sector 1

Additional upgrades for a new build or existing MR2 race car


  • Adjustable roll bars

  • Colour change re-spray

  • Lightweight wheels

  • poly bush suspension kit

  • +0.5mm engine rebuild

  • Passenger seat and harness

  • Twin / triple plate clutch

  • Race pedals

  • Lightweight battery

  • Silicone hoses

  • Gearbox rebuild

Prices vary depending on the quality and branding of the above products, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are currently building another new race car, pictures will be added soon. Below is the last car we built, the new car is white and will be finished to the same quality as the one below...…...
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